Beautiful. Personal. Emotional.

The global pandemic has taken over our lives in ways we never imagined. This year has been a great life lesson for each of us to embrace life when things don’t go as planned. 
These unprecedented times have led to alterations, postponement, modifications of all those wedding plans and dreams with the new norms of limited guest list and social distancing. 
So, it may be luck or fate but the universe has a magical way to work, and since intimate weddings are here to stay, we are here to tell you some of the greatest perks of having one!

Personal Attention: More often than not, the bride and the groom do not know their wedding guests personally. With small gatherings, the couple can attend to each guest personally, spend quality time with their loved ones, and make each guest feel special and involved.

Save Money: Along with being personal and beautiful, hosting an intimate wedding is going to save a lot of money for the couple. The money you save can be used to book the best wedding photographer, your dream wedding lehenga, and an exotic honeymoon. No compromises there, you know 🙂 

Pure Joy: Another benefit of an intimate celebration is the unadulterated joy the couple and the guests experience. With only the close people involved there is no place for formalities and judgmental remarks.

No Stress Planning: The larger the scale of the event the greater is the stress to plan and execute. An intimate wedding is easy to plan with full attention given to detail and less stress. What a relief.

Precious moments with your partner: With so many customs, traditions and obligatory conversations, a moment or two with the love of your life may take a back seat. An intimate wedding will enable you to make memories with your partner, because it is about the two of you after all.

So, pandemic or no pandemic, there’s no denying that intimate weddings are made of overwhelming emotions, personalization, and pure love to hold in your hearts forever!

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